Business Areas

New Builds

The New Builds business area provides products for thin and high-strength prefabricated components in textile reinforced concrete and fiber reinforced concrete.
Thanks to collaboration between interdisciplinary teams in the fields of textiles technology and applications technology, as well as engineering, we can provide both standardized products and client-specific solutions tailored to project requirements.
For example, facade panels made of textile reinforced concrete can be used as non-load-bearing components. The lighter textile reinforcement and its slim depth result in a weight reduction of approx. 80 %.
The product portfolio comprises 2-dimensional textile and fiber reinforcements in carbon and basalt fibers. Where applicable, we can also recommend partner companies for the provision of concrete, substrate construction and matrices for premium-quality surfaces.

Restoration and Strengthening

In the Restoration business area, we provide products for restoration of reinforced concrete support structures.
Our entire product portfolio is brought to bear here. Our range of textile reinforcements, strips, fabrics and short-cut fibers can provide you with a solution for almost every damage situation, in conjunction with the appropriate mortar and adhesive systems. We are happy to assist you in implementing and designing your plans in this area as well.

Industrial Flooring

In the Industrial Flooring business area, we offer products that provide high-strength and sustainable surfaces.
Specially developed textile reinforcements and sticks ensure that shrinkage cracks are averted and that concrete surfaces are consolidated accordingly.

Water Management Act Applications

(Water Management Act §19)
In the area of WMA Applications, we provide products for restoring and consolidating hydraulic structures, channels and biogas facilities.
Combinations of textile reinforcement and fine concrete mortar or silicate mortar in thin layers provide ideal solutions for structural consolidation.

Special Components

In the Special Components business area, we offer products for specific applications and special solutions.
Examples: shell structures, sandwich elements, lightweight constructions and high temperature applications in textile reinforced concrete


Thanks to intensive collaboration with clients, suppliers and partner companies, PS can quickly supply requirements-based solutions even for technically demanding problems. Industrial textiles frequently represent a more attractive solution than conventional offerings, especially for industrial applications in which criteria such as low weight, high stability, temperature resistance and economic viability are often decisive.

Premium-quality raw materials and modern materials mean these can be implemented in various areas of application, such as sport, automotive and special engineering. On request by customers, we offer woven fabrics, non-woven scrims and short-cut fiber made of carbon fiber or basalt fiber for further machining and processing.